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Secure the Best Rate with Yes Home Loans

Whether you’re buying a new residence, refinancing existing mortgages, switching lenders or investing in property, getting the cheapest interest rate is the critical. Housing repayments can be the single largest financial commitment for a household and differences in rates can place stress on budgets and impact lifestyles and achieving future objectives.

Yes Home Loans assists buyers source the best rates, best loans, by using our strong bargaining power with more lenders to negotiate on rates and structure to deliver workable repayments.

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Ease the financial pressure and personal stress of sourcing the best rates by saying Yes!

  • Bargaining power to negotiate cheaper rates
  • Achieve workable repayments
  • Cover more banks and lenders faster and more easily
  • Ease the stress and confusion of sourcing housing credit
  • Residential and commercial property deals
  • Owner-occupiers, investors, first home buyers

Buying a new residence is an extremely significant and highly charged life event. Multiple important choices must be decided – location, property, price, navigating through the auction or purchase process, conveyancing and the lending market to secure the right mortgage.

Refinancing when fixed rate periods expire can be equally highly-charged with so many banks and lenders, a myriad of credit products to cover off and understand.

BuyingWe ease the pressures of sourcing property funding with our professional, expert and extremely comprehensive specialist broker services. Saving customers money on repayments with better rates and better credit options.

Home Loan Health Checks

Identify Opportunities for Better Rates

Identify Opportunities for Better Rates

Our Home Loan Health Check begins by comparing your current interest rate against new, potentially lower rates.

Evaluate Loan Features and Benefits

Evaluate Loan Features and Benefits

We scrutinize your loan's features to ensure they align with your evolving financial goals, maximizing the benefits of your home loan.

Strategize Repayment Efficiency

Strategize Repayment Efficiency

We’ll evaluate and suggest efficient repayment methods, potentially speeding up your journey to being mortgage-free.

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Buying a Home | Building a Home

Car Loan Rates Comparison

Understanding the Market and Home Loan Interest Rates

The property lending market is the largest financial sector in Australia. There are multiple options with banks, financial institutions and other non-bank options to consider. Not only do rates vary across the market but so do the types of products offered.

Rates vary with lenders due to their own costs, guidelines and forecasts. The specific rates offered to customers will also be determined by the individual application and credit score. Products can vary in regard to fees and charges, draw down options, fixed and variable rates, deposit options, application criteria and purpose of the acquisition – residential or investment.

Navigating through this maze of options can be overwhelming, especially with the significance of the outcome. We assist customers expertly analyse the details of each product to ensure it is best suited to their requirements and has the best possible rate.

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Access to All Types of Home Loans

We provide access to thousands of products covering all types of property lending and we match buyers with the product that best fits with their residential or investment property, their credit profile and their individual financial objectives.

  • Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Variable Rate Home Loans
  • Interest-only Home Loans
  • Property Investment Finance
  • Offset Account Loans
  • Redraw Facility Finance

Why Yes Home Loans Offers the Best Rates

Mortgage brokers are crucial in connecting buyers with property credit products. Yes Home Loans has accreditations with many banks and non-bank lenders, providing a wider range of choices for buyers. We go beyond identifying financing options and match customer profiles with the right product from over 60 lenders. Our expertise, connections, and bargaining power allow us to negotiate the best rates and credit terms for our customers, individually structuring loans.

  • Access to more choices – 60+ Lenders
  • Bargaining power to individually negotiate rates and conditions
  • Connections and capabilities to access and assess thousands of home loan products
  • Expertise and experience to analyse and explain product differences to ease anxiety and confusion
  • Handle the entire process – comparing rates and loans, identifying best product, negotiating best rates, sourcing best offers, structuring mortgages, assisting with settlement

Years of Excellence 25 Years of Excellence

Home Loan Comparison Rates

Lenders advertise a rate and a Comparison Rate which is required by government law to be displayed. This is the rate calculated on the example detailed and when some of that lender’s fees and charges and advertised interest rate have been included.

Consider No Deposit and Low Deposit Home Financing Possibilities

A 20% deposit for property purchases can be challenging for many buyers. Yes Home Loans can help explore low and no deposit options, including the pros and cons of each. We have access to lenders offering no deposit funding, albeit with strict conditions. Low deposit options (5% or 10%) are also available, with information provided on LVR (loan to value ratio) and LMI (Lender Mortgage Insurance) costs. Talk to our skilled experts for a clear explanation of your options to make an informed decision about your future.

Car Loan Rates Comparison

Don’t wait any longer!
Take control of your home loan.
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Car Loan Rates Comparison

Refinancing the Loan for Homes

Rising or falling interest rates with better deals to be found from other lenders can be a major motivating factor to seek property refinancing. Specific reasons may also include needing to source new funding when the fixed rate period ends, switching lenders to get a cheaper rate and seeking repayment structure to better work with household budgets under changed circumstances.

Whatever the purpose, this can be a complex process which we assist customers to work through. Our consultants source the options available, negotiate rates, structure repayments and provide the essential information and advice on the credit products available. Costs and fees can be involved and these should be considered.

Professional Assistance in Considering the Home Finance Options

Our comprehensive services include assisting customers with the all sides of the credit products – the positives and the negatives.

  • The down payment or deposit amount and the implications of the various options available.
  • How the buyer’s credit score impacts any offer made in regard to rate, deposit and conditions.
  • Structuring flexibility into the funding to switch in the future.
  • How an offset account and redraw facilities can work for individual buyers.
  • Deciding between fixed and variable rates.
  • Being aware of LVR, LMI and other charges.
Car Loan Rates Comparison

Home Loan FAQs

Yes Home Loans handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

Should I get a home loan broker that is in my location?  FAQ Arrow

It is not essential that a home loan broker have offices in the location of the buyer or the location of the property being purchased. Offers can be sourced from banks and lenders on a national basis. Some brokers may conduct in-person physical meetings and interviews while others operate via online resources, making them accessible to buyers in all locations.

What is the role of a mortgage broker in home finance?  FAQ Arrow

Brokers provide the role of connecting buyers with lending products. Some may represent individual financial institutions while others have accreditations with many lenders and products. The range of services can vary depending on the individual broker.

What is an offset account loan for homes?  FAQ Arrow

A credit product with an offset account links a buyer’s usual transaction account with their property financing. Deposits from wages and savings are then offset against amounts owed on the property loan. This can be used to reduce interest charges, stay ahead on repayments and pay off the commitment faster.

What is the difference between fixed and variable home loans?  FAQ Arrow

A fixed interest rate on property finance is usually arranged for a limited time period of a few years. The rate will remain unchanged despite decisions by the RBA and by the lender to change interest rates. A variable interest rate product is subject to changes when the RBA and the lender change their interest rates. A change in the rate then flows through to an increase or decrease in the monthly repayment.

Does credit score affect home financing?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Credit scores are taken into consideration when lenders assess applications. A better score typically results in lower rates and potentially more favourable conditions. These conditions may include the total amount approved and deposits.

What lenders offer financing for homes?  FAQ Arrow

All major banks and most smaller, second-tier banks offer this type of funding products. In addition, finance companies can also offer credit products for property acquisitions. Mortgage brokers provide services to connect buyers with the lending market.

How are interest rates on home loans set?  FAQ Arrow

The Reserve Bank sets Australia’s official cash rate and individual lenders then set their rates for different credit products using that as one of the costs and a foundation position. Individual lenders set rates based on their analysis of a specific market. Offers to individuals are based on an assessment of the application including credit score, income and employment, assets and liabilities and general creditworthiness.

Can I find out in advance what the finance for homes I’m considering will be?  FAQ Arrow

Online calculators are provided by many lenders and brokers for buyers to calculate rough estimates for funding repayments. These are generic devices and do not allow for individual aspects of the financial position and application. The disclaimer and conditions of use should be read and noted. While only provided as a guide, these devices can be very useful resources for buyers.

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